bloo for Lazy Eye

Nurture your child’s future with bloo’s effective training that is fun, convenient, and affordable

bloo Is The Binocular Training Game

We've launched our first startup prduct called "bloo" for people with lazy eye. bloo uses refraction under binocular conditions in combination with easy to play tablet games and our special eye wear.

Eyes Are Very Important

Our eyes are an important part of our health and work non-stop. Much of our nonverbal communication comes from the way we listen and express ourselves through our eyes.

Why We Focus on Lazy Eye?

The most common cause of visual impartment is lazy eye. 3% of children will be born with the condition. But 80% of the time it can be avoided or cured. We've found out our experience, skills and communication can help visually impaired people to improve their quality of life.

Perceptions = User Experience

Psychologist Richard Gregory says that perceptions are hypotheses, predicting unsensed characteristics of objects, and predicting in time, which are based on prior knowledge.

A better understanding of your customers' perception will help you to construct business model diagram highlighting your customers’ needs and expectations as they engage with your product, service and experience. This means designing the user experience.

Having good eyes helps everyone to design the best user experience.